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Pinterest Advertising

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Access our whole design team and get customized Pinterest marketing with our collaboration. We thoroughly test all creatives and provide picture and video editing services. Benefit from Pinterest’s strong audience engagement for higher response rates.


Improve your outcomes with our tried-and-true testing and scaling processes. We use third-party tools for in-depth data analysis to make real-time changes to your campaigns and online store. Achieve sales generation, lead collection, and enhanced brand awareness.

Openness and

Trust us with your revenue management as we use it solely to grow your business. We analyze profitability data to optimize and allocate your ad budget based on the performance of your Pinterest marketing campaigns.

Boost Your Pinterest Marketing with Our Expertise!

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How does Pinterest
Ad work?

Users may see Pinterest ads in a variety of ways, including:

  • Specifically on your company’s profile.
  • Through a keyword search.
  • On related subjects.
  • On their own feeds if they have pinned you or if the categories of your pin are relevant to those users.

There are various types of Pinterest ads:

Common Pin
It’s just like a normal pin. This is the most used Pinterest ad type.

Promoted Videos (standard width)
It includes, besides the title and the description, a video between 4 seconds and 15 minutes. For a better user experience, remember to film in portrait mode.

Promoted Videos (maximized width)
Just like the previous type, but here videos can be both square or filmed in a landscape mode.

Promoted App Pins
These pins promote apps by posting images and videos.

These are a series of square images (between 2 and 5) that allow us to show different products or the same thing from different angles.

Discover the potential of Pinterest advertising with over 500 million users worldwide, and a 47% higher chance of discovering new brands. With 93% of users wanting to shop on the platform and 87% already having made a purchase, Pinterest has a strong propensity for e-commerce. Plus, promoted pins have long-lasting visibility, receiving 20% more hits after the campaign ends. Advertising on Pinterest is cheaper and easier than other social networks.

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Why Advertise on Pinterest Ad?

Pinterest Marketing Process: Our Approach to Success

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Discussion & Research

At ARF Services, we prioritize thorough discussion and collaboration with our clients when establishing a Pinterest advertising campaign to understand their specific goals and unique brand.


Based on our first discussions and research into previous marketing campaign statistics, we develop a plan for results and create successful Pinterest ad content with our in-house creative team.

Monitoring Your Pinterest Ad Campaign

Our obsession with data drives us to constantly examine the performance of your campaign and determine which aspects yield the greatest results.

Refining Your Pinterest Campaign

At ARF Services, we fine-tune your Pinterest ad campaign by analyzing data to optimize its performance and increase ROI. Our data-driven approach ensures that your budget is used effectively and continually improves your campaign.

Reporting Data

We report the data we collect to ensure that your money is being well spent and let you know exactly how we can assist you in managing your Pinterest marketing strategy.