Microsoft Advertising Enhances Analytics & Global Reach In June Update


Maximize Your Advertising Strategy: Microsoft Advertising Unveils Universal Event Tracking Insights, Cross-Device Attribution, Global Expansion, and Pinterest Integration.


  • Introducing Universal Event Tracking (UET) Insights: Microsoft Advertising unveils powerful insights to optimize your advertising campaigns.
  • Enhanced Cross-Device Attribution: Coming soon, a new attribution model improves tracking accuracy for customer conversion journeys.
  • Expanded Global Reach: Microsoft Advertising expands into 23 new markets, providing broader advertising opportunities worldwide.

Unlock Enhanced Performance and Global Expansion: Microsoft Advertising’s June Product Roundup Introduces Exciting Updates, Including Advanced Website Performance Analytics, Cross-Device Conversion Tracking, Global Market Expansion, and Seamless Platform Integration.

Introducing Universal Event Tracking Insights

Enhance Website Performance Analysis with Universal Event Tracking (UET) Insights: Stay Informed About Your Website’s Performance.

Boost UET Capabilities Effortlessly: New Feature Enhances Existing Tags with No Coding Required.

“We’re introducing UET insights, a valuable new feature that we’ll add to your existing UET tags with no additional coding required from you. You’ll get a deeper understanding of your website’s performance and also enable Microsoft Advertising to optimize your ad performance more effectively via improved targeting, fraud detection, and reduced conversion loss.”

The new insights tool will roll out automatically starting July 3.

Enhanced Cross-Device Attribution

Microsoft Advertising will soon launch a cross-device attribution model, enhancing its capabilities in tracking and measuring ad performance across multiple devices. This update is set to roll out later this month, providing advertisers with valuable insights for optimizing their SEO strategies.

The upcoming update in Microsoft Advertising enables advertisers to track and connect customers’ conversion journeys across multiple devices and sessions, providing valuable insights for optimizing marketing strategies.

Microsoft has introduced a new feature that resolves conversion attribution challenges across devices. When a user clicks on an ad using their laptop and converts on their phone, the conversion will be credited to the initial laptop ad click. This update optimizes campaign tracking and enhances advertising strategies.

Although the update does not introduce any new features or settings, advertisers may observe a slight boost in conversions thanks to enhanced accuracy.

Expanded Global Reach

As part of its 2022 expansion efforts, Microsoft Advertising unveils plans to extend its advertising presence to 23 additional markets, signaling a significant increase in its advertising reach.

Microsoft Advertising’s expansion encompasses a wide range of diverse locations, extending from Antigua and Barbuda to Wallis and Futuna. This move demonstrates their commitment to increasing advertising reach and accessibility across a diverse array of markets.

Microsoft Advertising’s expansion enables advertisers to reach broader global audiences, expanding their reach to various parts of the world.

Seamless Integration With Pinterest & Dynamic Remarketing

Microsoft Advertising is expanding the availability of Pinterest Import to all markets through the Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN), enabling advertisers to easily import their campaigns from Pinterest Ads.

Dynamic remarketing for Autos, Events & Travel on MSAN is now accessible in the US, Canada, and the UK.

With the remarketing tool on the Microsoft Audience Network, advertisers can leverage their feeds to craft engaging ad experiences. This enables them to effectively connect with their target audience by showcasing items from their feed that align with their users’ interests.

In Summary

The June product roundup showcases significant updates, such as the automatic rollout of UET Insights on July 3 and the introduction of a new cross-device attribution model. Additionally, Microsoft Advertising expands into 23 new global markets and strengthens integration with Pinterest through the Microsoft Audience Network.

Collectively, these developments empower advertisers with enhanced campaign performance insights, precise conversion tracking, and expanded global audience reach, presenting valuable opportunities for optimizing advertising strategies.

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