Important Tips for Every Website Redesign Project to Maintain Your Google Ranking

Website Redesign to Maintain Your Google Ranking

Making changes to an existing business website may be a difficult challenge. Especially if your website is in charge of generating business money. You don’t want to risk the progress your website has made in ranking for essential keywords or make a change that causes leads and phone calls to dry up.

However, by following the guidelines outlined below. You will increase the chances that your website redesign project will go well and that you will retain your Google search results rank.

Table of Contents

  1. Define the Ideal Site Visitors’ Experience
  2. Take Stock of Your Current Keyword Position
  3. Pay Attention to On-page SEO Elements
  4. Test Your Redesign on Staging URLs

1. Define the Ideal Site Visitors’ Experience

It is important to have a clear knowledge of what you want your website visitors to do when they visit your site. Is the primary objective of the website to provide certain information? To encourage a visitor to contact you or call the business?

Without a clear picture of the eventual result. A website makeover might take clients down the incorrect road, resulting in a drop in conversions.

2. Take Stock of Your Current Keyword Position

You don’t want to lose all of your hard work. It is important to know which pages of your website are attracting search engine traffic and for which search terms you are ranking.

When redesigning your website, it is important to think about how the information on your page will alter. You don’t want to lose the material that has been generating traffic to your website from search engines.

3. Pay Attention to On-page SEO Elements

Check that Page Titles, header tags, meta descriptions, and ALT tags are maintained or modified as the material is transferred to the new site design.

A redesign might sometimes result in content headers that aren’t correctly employing Heading tags but appear to be. Make careful to double-check everything.

Also, retain as much of the structure as possible the same. This comprises the general connecting structure as well as the top-level hierarchy. You don’t want to screw anything up if you already have amazing rankings and SEO.

4. Test Your Redesign on a Staging URL

You don’t want to put a new design through its paces on your live website. It is recommended to duplicate your website to a temporary staging URL that is not accessible to the public. This enables you to see how your content interacts with the new design and iron out any difficulties that may arise.

When a WordPress site is hosted on a staging server, it is often configured to ‘prevent search engines from indexing this site.’ This may be found in the Settings > Reading area of your WordPress website’s admin. It is important that you uncheck this as soon as you launch the new website.

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